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The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) invites young artists up to the age of 35,*as well as artistic collectives and various social groupsto participate in the Youth Biennial 2023, which will be held from the 5th of September to the 6th of October, 2023, at several locations in Belgrade.

The theme of the Youth Biennial is systematic insecurity in the (post)modern world and rethinking our role in it. Inseparable from the social system - it seems uncertainty runs through everything in our lives and creates our general state of living. The exhibition will, therefore, explore the problems that insecurity produces in our social system and question the consequences of that state. The problem of systematic insecurity can be viewed from different angles - we can talk about it as an unchanging given or a changing state that has its own expiration date. Is our role in this phenomenon a passive or an active one? What results can come from it? Do we depend on the system or does the system depend on us? If systematic insecurity is variable, what/who brings about change? Through the examination of this social condition, the issue of community in society is highlighted. Considering that insecurity affects individuals inseparable from the system - the research on collective consciousness in such a problem can be essential. 

The Organizational team of the Youth Biennial, made up of about 30 people, began researching the topic of systematic insecurity in 2022 through conversations with the community that team members conducted with various members of society. Listening to broader strata and social groups reflect on the issue of insecurity in society, the Organizational team documented an entire archive of audio conversations (interviews). They are available (Serbian only) to anyone who wants to sign up at the following link..

Artists are invited (1) to conduct their own conversation(s) with a member of society whom they detect is in the most insecure position (questionnaire and application form can be downloaded here) and articulate their idea for an intervention inspired by the respondent’s answers or (2) to propose already realized artworks on the topic of insecurity. 

There are two parts to the application process in order to participate in the Youth Biennale 2023: First is submitting the application form, submitting an optional interview with someone on the topic of insecurity, and finally submitting your visual material in line with the theme. The second part involves a talk/interview with the organizational team on the topic of insecurity. 


Regardless of whether you have a work of art that you think fits the topic or you have an idea that you have articulated after listening to the conversation(s) with members of the community, you need to send us:

  • A filled Application form 
  • A photograph/visual presentation of your work of art (if it exists)

Send the above to the following e-mail address: with a subject field note: Name and Surname_Application for participation in the Youth Biennial 2023..

The call is open until 1st of March 2023.

*In the case of collectives and different social groups, it is acceptable for them to include persons who are older than 35 years of age.