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. About Biennial

The Youth Biennial is a recent/new event under the guise of the The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia through which the following are organized: an international contemporary art exhibit by young artists, artwork production workshops with a team of curators from Serbia and the region as well as a multiweek discursive program. The Initiative for starting the Biennial again as a cultural framework in which visual artists have integrated their works, relies on the heritage of the Youth Fund (1972 – 1990) which has been entrusted to ULUS for safekeeping, and has stemmed from the “Mosa Pijade” Youth Fund. Furthermore, the wider framework of this undertaking has been the tradition of organizing the Youth Biennial in our region, the exhibit which has for a full three decades been held in Rijeka (1960 – 1991) and then in Vrsac (1994 – 2004).

As far as the program is concerned, the Youth Biennial has been envisioned as a place which responds to the common needs of all those who participate in its creation, which includes not only the production and the execution of artworks but also the building of discourse and the distribution of knowledge. In the organizational sense, the Biennial has been envisioned as a platform for the horizontal cooperation and exchange of new and affirmed actors in the field of art, open to new participants and partnerships, foreseeing the possibility of continued or occasional engagement.

Na inicijativu Udruženja likovnih umetnika Srbije, osnovana je grupa učesnika Javnih priprema Bijenala koju čine je mladi ljudi do 35 godina koji deluju u polju kulture i umetnosti, kako mladi umetnici, tako i studentkinje i studenti likovnih i primenjenih umetnosti, menadžmenta u kulturi, arhitekture, teorije i istorije umetnosti. Poziv za uključivanje u rad na pripremi Bijenala je trajno otvoren. Više informacija o projektu Bijenale mladih je dostupno u dokumentu o Organizacionoj strukturi Bijenala mladih.