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. Organizacija Bijenala

The organization team of the Youth Biennial is comprised of young people under the age of 35 who are active in the fields of culture and art – young artists, students of fine and applied arts, culture management, architecture as well as the theory and history of art. The basic intent of this group of young people is working together on creating a horizontal and just framework for encouraging young people to create as well as a mutual exchange. The organizational team has been working closely with project coordinators, that is with the art council of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS). 

Based on the open call for the curatorship position the art council of ULUS selects the team of curators on a yearly basis which is in charge of the conceptual articulation of all the segments of a project in collaboration with the organizational team of the Biennial.

The following artists, art historians and people from the world of art and culture have been part of the organizational team: Marija Nikolić, Dunja Karanović, Milan Đorđević, Jelica Pejdić, Jelisaveta Rapaić, Nevena Ostojić, Ana Trifunović, Dušan Radovanović, Magda Radojlović, Natalija Živadinović, Tijana Toševski, Marija Stanković, Bojana Jovanović, Jovan Turčinović, Ognjen Vuković, Katarina Živković, Strahinja Gužvić, Teodora Jeremić, Senka Latinović, Jovana Trifuljesko, Dunja Petković, Nikola Minić, Ana Najkić, Slobodan Sailović, Anja Jocić…

The call to join the preparatory work of the Biennial is permanently open. More information about the Youth Biennial project and the inner workings of the Organizational team is available in the document Organizational structure of the Youth Biennial and in Youth Biennial Guidelines.