Vera Kavaleuskaya /// Kolektivna subverzivna meditacija "All That Has Melted Into Air, Inhale"bijenale mladih 2021.

Prvu u nizu radionica je pripremila umetnica Vera Kavaleuskaya. U pitanju je kolektivna subverzivna meditacija koja nosi naziv "All That Has Melted Into Air, Inhale" koja će se održati u četvrtak 2. septembra u Footnote centru (Strahinjića Bana 12) sa početkom u 18h.

Collective subversive meditation All That Has Melted Into Air, Inhale

Popular methods and tactics of self-help, such as occidental yoga or wellness, which are either appropriated or created by neoliberalism, are oftentimes tailored to distract individuals from the real cause of their distress and let them repeatedly focus on temporary solutions. While this temporal relief may be helpful on certain occasions, generally, this tendency may lead towards the de-politicization and further alienation of individuals.

Collective subversive meditation All That Has Melted Into Air, Inhale questions the position of our bodies within the territory of struggle, and views the air we breathe as an invisible witness and a product of an evident problem of extractive capitalism. Within this subversive meditation, participants would attempt to shift attention back towards the production of collectivity, reflect upon their own exhaustion and the exhaustion of resources, and take a sideway in thinking about the corporeal, their bodies, and their functions.

The audio piece was produced in collaboration with sound artist Eugene Markin. The work includes excerpts from Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Marshall Berman, Ronald E. Purser & Jack Petranker, Slavoj Žižek, and Sara Ahmed.

Organizacioni tim Bijenala mladih 2021