Agata Szymanek /// Radionica kreativnog dodirabijenale mladih 2021.

31. avgusta vas o?ekuje online radionica kreativnog dodira koju vam je pripremila umetnica Agata Szymanek sa po?etkom u 13 ?asova.
Prijave mo?ete slati na mejl gde ?ete dobiti dalje informacije u vezi sa pristupom radionici

On August 31st, an online /// Creative Touch Workshop /// prepared by the artist Agata Szymanek - Begins at 1 p.m.

Applications can be sent to where you will receive further information regarding access to the workshop

The creative workshop of virtual touch.

This workshop is dedicated to the reflection on virtual touch. Through series of practical exercises, participants investigate the quality and various forms of post-pandemic embrace. Events of 2020 caused that natural and organic forms of connecting with other people were forced to transform (evolve?) into new presences. Now to hug somebody, we need to use waste resources of creativity, imagination and emotional power. Our focus to efficiently touch other person is also directed towards the language of tools that we employ in this process. The "Creative workshop of virtual touch" serves as well to improve our skills of virtual touching. The workshop has an online form and takes around 2,5 or 3 hours. There is no previous artistic experience needed to join the workshop.

Illustration: The music of Gounod from Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater?s Thought-Forms (1901)

Organizational Team Youth Biennial 2021