Alexandra Papademetriou /// Radionica “The Degrowth Toolbox for Artistic Practices”Alexandra Papademetriou /// Radionica “The Degrowth Toolbox for Artistic Practices”bijenale mladih 2021.


U narednih nekoliko dana - 27, 28, 29. avgusta Vas očekuju interaktivne radionice koje Vam priređuje Alexandra Papademetriou pod nazivom "The Degrowth Toolbox for artistic practices" u "KC Fusnota", Strahinjića Bana 12. Radionice počinju 27. avgusta od 16 do 20 časova, a 28. i 29. avgusta od 13 do 17 časova.

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Art as resistance: Towards a practice of degrowth

We’re living in a time of prolonged, perpetual crisis. It is becoming increasingly clear that our current ways of working are unsustainable and inadequate in adapting to the oncoming changes brought by not only by the ongoing pandemic, but by climate change, civil unrest, and the broader societal shift. In this transitory time, artists are faced with an opportunity to rethink and redesign our practices.

This workshop invites artists, curators, activists, community organisers, and anyone with an interest in these fields to explore degrowth. Bringing together decolonial theory, institutional critique, politics of care, and mutual aid practices, this discursive workshop questions established artistic practices and invites participants to imagine how a degrowth approach to the arts can be designed and implemented.

This workshop is part of the ongoing artistic research project The Degrowth Toolbox for Artistic Practices. For more information about the project, visit
The workshop will be held in English. Registration is required. Send an email titled “Degrowth workshop” to with your name and your occupation/experience.

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