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. Raspričavanje

The Talking organized by the Youth Biennial is held as part of a self-organized educational program for young people in the field of fine arts. The Talking is a place of building additional and supplementary knowledge, one that cannot be obtained through formal education in the field of art, especially given the large deficit of discursive and theoretical knowledge and the connection of artists' work with current social trends in art academies and faculties.

For this reason, the program bears this name because it wants to mark the field of exit from the closed field, which is limited to the visual, and step into the field of reflection and reflection on social processes in the field of art. Therefore, by raising topics such as the form of organizing collective artistic activity, the strategic role of contemporary art in cultural policy, the economics of art and opportunities to include artists in broader socio-economic processes, art in the cyber world, the relationship between art and identity policies, ecology, etc. the project seeks to promote the development of emancipatory practices of young people under the auspices of ULUS.

The program is implemented in cooperation with the Students' City Cultural Center. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.

Open discussions are part of the ULUS debate program, which consists of three program lines: Artist Status, Art Status and Association Status. The first two program lines are financially supported by the International Fund for Assistance to Organizations in Culture and Education in 2021, implemented by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and the Goethe Institute.

/// Umetnost i kolektivno samoorganizovanje ///

. Umetnost ikolektivno samoorganizovanje

The first debate session will aim to consider the possibilities for collective self-organization of young people in the field of art today, the perspectives that modern times give for joint action and the possibilities for overcoming the limits it sets (making a map of real possibilities). This topic will be a breakthrough of the experiences of several organizing teams of the Youth Biennale / ULUS and the team of young people gathered around the Institute of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, who have embarked on this process during the previous period. 


. Teorija odrasta i umetnost

The urgency of the climate crisis makes established forms of work, including artistic ones, inappropriate to the current state of emergency in which the industrial order has created an unprecedented political crisis whose unresolved threat to human survival and inhuman species. The intention of the conversation is to raise issues of thinking and practicing art work and organizing artists outside the dominant capitalist categories of growth, progress and the like in the context of "cannibalistic capitalism" as its ecologically destructive logic is called by theorist Nancy Fraser. A radical alternative economic model of adulthood theory and its potential implications for the cultural sphere, especially for the visual arts, will be considered, both on a theoretical and practical level, especially with regard to the local social and cultural environment.


/// Digitalna umetnost: Izazovi i perspektive ///

. Digitalna umetnost:Izazovi i perspektive

Digital art implies a wide field of action and encompasses various art forms, from digitally remediated traditional forms to, now recognizable, new forms such as, virtual art, generative art, robotic art or AI art. It is a series of different artistic practices based on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as a medium of production or presentation of a work of art.

In this conversation, we will look at a group of digital art works presented at the Youth Biennial and, in that context, discuss issues such as general characteristics, trends and challenges in the field of digital art in the world and in our country, institutionalization and representation of digital art. the status of artists, as well as the perspectives of young artists working in this field.