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Rita Nobre

My work emerges from the creation of narratives that seek to question the human being and his relationships with himself and with the other. Among many questions and answers, there is a constant duel between dream and reality; between the fragile and the robust, between what gives in and what resists. I desire the common daily objects for which I feel an intimate connection, communicate and dialogue with the objects that I’m producing.
I have been developing my work in sculpture, video, and drawing, resulting as installations.

My work emerges from the creation of narratives seeking to question the human being in relationship with the self and with the other. The moment when the mind manifests through the body and allows itself to be manipulated is the moment I start my research and practice. Among questions and answers, there is a constant duel between dream and reality, between the fragile and the robust, between what gives in and what resists. 

I explore how the common daily objects, that I feel an intimate connection with, communicate in a dialogue with the objects I produce. The use of words and language play an important role in my practice. I feel the need to associate words with thoughts. This serves in an initial phase as an ignition for the creation of sculptural objects or performative gestures. 

The associations that are made lead to the object’s embodiment of my concerns and convictions. By using simples gestures and constructions, a story is created, or even a child’s play. The atelier serving as a playground, full of emotional swings and sand-boxes of fears and insecurities, where I aim to pass on a message. 

Essentially, the time spent in my atelier is enjoyed as a recreation of an alone reflection in, and talking with, the mirror. Like a reflection, my work similarly provides the answers to my questions. From time to time, we change roles; and it is my work that asks me questions and I answer them. 

Addressing movement or displacement is also a constant through my work. Looking into the passing of time and memory, there is always an implicit movement. Even if not visible, it is inherent to the piece. It can be used, handled or it can move and turning on itself. Like moving from position A to B, from one emotion to another. 

I will carry on with my inquiry that interrogates and responds to personal concerns and anyone who can project themselves in it. A collective meditation that is reflected in the materiality of thought and emotion. 

My work has been developed in sculpture, video, drawing, resulting as installations.

Šta je za tebe zajednički jezik mladih?

To be honest I would rather not mention social media in this question, but I'm afraid I will. We all communicate through various mediums, it seems that we deposit more energy and investment on our virtual persona, than our real self. The language in common should be a vivid relation between certainties and doubts; between feelings and beliefs; between the different and the similar; between you and me. The language in common is a mirage with a screen in front that appears to be inviting but we cannot all access.

Kako izgleda proces nastanka jednog tvog rada?

The process of thinking about a process can be fluid, as it can also be very blurry in my mind. It starts with a draft in my head, you can call it an idea. Ideas that are in constant construction and they shape themselves with gestures. I collect a lot of objects with which I create an intimate connection with, or at least they provoke me in a certain way. Through that collectivism that tackles human behavior, I think about materials and objects that I can produce. I seek a communication between the things I collect and gather and the things I do and make. My work gives me the orders, and I obey.

Koji su izazovi stvaranja umetnosti onakvom kakvom je ti stvaraš?

The challenge of accepting that sometimes I win, and other times I lose. The challenge of not seeing making art as a challenge but as a need. The challenge of not being afraid.

Da li si ti umetnik/ca i šta za tebe predstavlja ta reč?

I consider myself as a curious person that likes to experiment with things and words. 

The word “artist” is like a big coat, everyone can fit in it but it may not suit everyone. Sometimes I like to wear that coat, other times it doesn’t match with my clothes. 

I don’t have a problem with the word “artist”, but I do have some troubles with the “art-world”.

Koji je tvoj beg od stvarnosti? Imaš li uopšte potrebu za begom?

There are several ways to escape from reality - I believe that, most of the time, the problem lies in the amount of time that we lose on thinking about ways to escape, and we should think about why we need to escape. My idyllic escape from reality is thinking that our reality is a dream.

Šta za tebe znači biti inovativan?

The word innovative is similar to when nothing can tire you, and you just keep on going. When you adapt yourself with different and new methods or ways of experimenting. It can be new or old. They both work, when they have to work.

Imaš li plan za budućnost? Gde tvoja umetnička praksa može da te odvede?

I wish I had. I hope I will. 

I hope that my artistic practice has its drivers license and can take me far from here, because I don’t.

Šta je najviše uticalo na tebe da postaneš ono što si sada / da se baviš time čime se baviš?

The way I absorb my environment, and the way it absorbs me.

Kako bi opisao/la mladu srpsku kulturno-umetničku scenu?

I have been living in Belgium for almost 3 years now, and of course, coming from Portugal I perceive lots of differences. 

Since I am an emerging artist, my perception of this matter is somewhat adjusting and adapting itself with all the information I am gathering lately. That information can either come from Portugal or from the other side of the world. The broad connection of the contemporary cultural scene is what made me incontact with Belgrado Bijenale. 

That specific possibility, in a way, describes how the approach to any contemporary movement can be mutual. So, maybe, a main point of the contemporary cultural scene is how that universality affects enclosed culture(not so closed anymore), and what do we absorb from it differently. In practice, out of the virtual access, money is a problem right?

Na koji način te tvoj idejni i stvaralački proces oblikuje i/ili menja kao ličnost, da li uopšte?

My creative process is a tool that I’ve found to clarify some questions in mylife. It guides me to a new path that I can choose to take or not. I'm not sure if it is either a tool, or a lamp, but I know that it can make me calmer and less insecure. The appreciation of this alone time while I am producing work has become one of the main marks in my life. Which constantly debates between duty/necessity and fluxes and reflection. To do, in order to, reflect; and to reflect in order to do.