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Rebekka Ana Aimée Stuhlemer

My paintings function as expandable membranes in the public sphere. They occupy architecture delicately, soften it and provide dimensions that people can connect with. The composition stretches into the surroundings, including the visible as well as the invisible.


Šta je za tebe zajednički jezik mladih?

I believe we are constantly in the process of finding new languages that are precise yet open to formulate our shared experiences. Thus, we need many co-existing languages. For me, those are languages of destabilizing obsolete systems and building better ones.

Kako izgleda proces nastanka jednog tvog rada?

Dynamic, aggressive, instinctive, expansive, sluggish, gentle, soft, messy, clean, temperamental, hesitant, impatient.

Koji su izazovi stvaranja umetnosti onakvom kakvom je ti stvaraš?

Breaking with internalized believes of how art in general and my own form of expression in particular are supposed to look like.

Da li si ti umetnik/ca i šta za tebe predstavlja ta reč?

It means the legitimization of acting upon what I want for myself and others.

Koji je tvoj beg od stvarnosti? Imaš li uopšte potrebu za begom?

I am escaping every form of violence directed towards me. Trying to find ways around without dissociating, I fight for, defend or regain my agency. I am sometimes able to shift perspectives by making space for other principles I haven’t thought of yet.

Šta za tebe znači biti inovativan?

The concept of innovation brings the danger of erasure. What is regarded as "old" is often devalued and rendered useless when it does not serve a capitalist logic. For me, innovation means transformation and submitting to the incomplete. This includes unlearning imperialism, extractivism, citizenship, coloniality, division between time and space both intimately and collectively.

Imaš li plan za budućnost? Gde tvoja umetnička praksa može da te odvede?

My artistic practice takes me to certain places that I had questions about for a long time. Since I realized I am not finding answers, I decided to go there and create them myself.

Šta je najviše uticalo na tebe da postaneš ono što si sada / da se baviš time čime se baviš?

There is not one significant thing that has shaped me. I am shaped and reshaped daily by the people and material world in my immediate and distant environment.

Kako bi opisao/la mladu srpsku kulturno-umetničku scenu?

I am currently working in Germany. The various subcultures here are not afforded the same financial resources and visibility as traditional European institutions. Thus, the dominating discourses are shaped by historically grown power structures that are complicit in and part of oppressive systems. I see a problem in the fact that overcoming these systems often falls back on the individual and their communities.

Na koji način te tvoj idejni i stvaralački proces oblikuje i/ili menja kao ličnost, da li uopšte?

In many ways, my work is changing the texture of myself in the spectrum between transparency and opacity.