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Nina RIstić

My artistic practice is to workshop a piece of theatre with my cast and to include their stories and ideas. I would like to create work that is entertaining and if the audience sees a message in it (there is one), that is great, if not that is great too.

What is the language in common for the young people today?

Everyday language that is not complex or show-off.

What does the process of making one of your pieces look like?

Trial and error, changing of storylines, but sticking to the theme and idea. Poor theatre with some modern technology in it.

Which challenges have you faced while making art as you know it?

To make sure the story is clear and makes sense.

Do you consider yourself an artist, and what does that word mean to you?

I try to be, I think an artist is anyone who creates any form of art.

What is your escape from reality? Do you even have a need to escape from something?

Watching YouTube, walking, and yes I do need an escape from reality, it is at times not too great.

What does the word innovative mean to you?

Try new things that you have not done before.

Do you have a plan for the future? Where can your artistic practice take you?

To carry on doing what I am doing, get better at it, and explore other ideas and stories. I don't like to "predict the future", just to be happy with what I have and did and aim to do more and better

What made the biggest influence on you to become what you are today and do what you do now?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and God.

How would you describe Serbian (Balkan or European-depends on where you live and work) contemporary cultural scene?


In which way does your creative process shape you or changes you as a person, if it does at all?

All I have (at times) is my ideas.