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Juliana Nozomi

„mustn’t be bored / mustn’t be bored / mustn’t be bored …. be HAPPY“

Born in 1995 in Munich, Germany.
Lives and works in Vienna (AT) and Schliersee (DE).
2015 - 2020: State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart
Fine Arts / Sculpture - Prof. Rainer Ganahl
2018 - present: Academy of Fine Arts Munich
Fine Arts - Prof. Olaf Nicolai

Shrimp/Sleep no 2

Shrimps, most commonly known as a swimming crustacean with thin fragile legs and large antennas, have developed into a worldwide popular food. The shrimp-flavoured cup noodle surprisingly includes petite shrimps, which are completely dried out, along with the rest of the beverage. In order to prepare this meal, boiling hot water must be poured into the cup and left to brew with the lid on for about two to three minutes. At first, the shrimps are curled up, small and wrinkled, resembling a creature in hibernation and most likely having fallen into a state of depression, being trapped in a package of commercial fast food. The temporary claustrophobia which is hereby being experienced, gains way to a further mental condition. As one has to forcefully lock themselves away, whilst still keeping an inner connection to others and themselves, each experience will have turned out very different from one another in the end.


What is the language in common for the young people today?

Probably English as well as social media. Sadly it's not knitting or dressing up as a snail.

What does the process of making one of your pieces look like?

Mentally quite confusing. I tend to go into hibernation. My mess tends to become my comfort as well as my constant distress.

Which challenges have you faced while making art as you know it?

Other people's opinions... sadly. Especially when trying to grab my steering wheel.

Do you consider yourself an artist, and what does that word mean to you?

I'd consider myself a creature. beep. I don't consider myself to be some sort of logic. On paper, I am an art student.

What is your escape from reality? Do you even have a need to escape from something?

Yes. That's why I tend to ignore some things. Yes, everything that seems forceful has its right to be ignored and kept distance from.

What does the word innovative mean to you?

I think I'm more interested what it meant many years ago.

Do you have a plan for the future? Where can your artistic practice take you?

The solemnly known nation of Anywhere. I would like to plan my future there but unfortunately I haven't found a map and guide for it yet...

What made the biggest influence on you to become what you are today and do what you do now?

Probably the constant attempts during childhood of trying to overcome boredom.

How would you describe Serbian (Balkan or European-depends on where you live and work) contemporary cultural scene?

European/German - diverse. Different institutions run with different interests and funding and backgrounds. It's open to many different dialogues but sometimes tends to hold back its opinion. It's always surprising what new level of thought comes up. But everyone tends to cool their feet in the cold waters of mainstream every now and then.

Uvek je iznenađujuće kakav se novi nivo misli pojavljuje. Ali svi imaju tendenciju da s vremena na vreme ohlade svoje noge u hladnim vodama mejnstrima.

In which way does your creative process shape you or changes you as a person, if it does at all?

Luckily, it makes me appalling.