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The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) as the successor to the Association of Fine Artists (ULU) founded in 1919, is one of the oldest and most numerous associations of citizens in the region.

The original reasons for establishing the association of artists more than a century ago were to resolve the professional and status issues of artists in society. This significantly differentiated ULU from other artistic associations of the period, that joined solely by artistic affinities (such as the LADA of 1904 or the Association of Serbian Artists for Plastic Art and Music of 1898), (a source: N. Cerović, from the preface ULUS 100 Years Catalog). Today, ULUS has more than 2500 members, of which more than 550 have the status of independent artists. ULUS has acquired the status of the representative association in the culture, on the basis of which the Ministry of culture covers funds for entrusted affairs on data records of the independent artists. These funds are used to cover the costs of administrative and accounting services related to these affairs. The funds necessary for the entire production of artistic activities in two representative exhibiting venues – the ULUS Gallery and the Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion, ULUS is compelled to obtain through project financing, donations, membership and registration fees.

ULUS’s regular program activities include the organization of exhibition programs within the premises of the ULUS Gallery and the Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion. Within these exhibition spaces, ULUS annually organizes over 20 solo exhibitions of contemporary visual production and over 10 collective exhibitions, among which the most significant are traditional exhibitions – Spring and Autumn, as well as exhibitions of New ULUS members, the Triennial of New Media, the Triennial of Graphics and dr. In the last few years, ULUS has started curatorial practices of artists, who in a self-organized manner produce artistic programs organized by the associations’ sections: painting, sculpture, graphic and new media sections and groups of independent artists. In addition to its programs, ULUS often hosts guest programs organized by other cultural institutions (October Salon, Museum Night, private art collections, etc.). Annually, over one thousand artists take part in ULUS exhibitions, and tens of thousands of visitors pass through the doors of the Association’s gallery spaces.

. Ulus mladih

The initiative considers opportunities and makes suggestions for better involvement of young people in the projects of the Association. There are approximately 100 members consisting of new members of the Association, as well as students and other young people working in the fields of culture and art. The group implements various art and educational projects, including the Youth Biennial. In order to meet the needs of realizing the Youth Biennial project, an Organizational Team was formed, made of 40 young individuals who, while cooperating with the Arts Council, work on the conceptualization and implementation of this project.